3D construction

State of the art technologies used for the greatest details

Unique technologies

Thanks to production from plastic castings, we had reduced the price to a minimum

Tradition and history

We have been involved in modelling since 1993

Worldwide presence

We deliver to the whole world

A new brand with long tradition

We are introducing a new brand producing plastic plane models – Infinity models.

We continue the long and successful tradition of the production of museum models of aircrafts, resin and laminated kits and real aircrafts under the brand HPH models. We have used our experience and based on wishes of most of the modelling society we have brought the perfection of our models into classic form of the plastic models.


Our kits are always designed for the simplest construction possible, while trying to preserve the detail of visible units.

  • Price-performance ratio
  • Quality of processing
  • Simplicity of construction

Helldiver 1/32

American dive bomber from the 1930s


This model is the only one at this scale, made with the classic technology from plastic

Short run
and the classic technology of production

The main parts have been made with the classic “short run” technology. For the more detailed or transparent parts metal moulds were used.

The exceptionality in details

We pay due attention to each model and its details. It all begins with a thorough study of the original – in museums, in professional publications, on the internet, or even with professional advisors. The result is then converted into the details of the kit. We honour the mission of our hobby: to create the best and most exact scale model of the reality.

Another extension of the model

The complexity of the model could be finished by additional supplementary kits. Models are always delivered in several variants and colourful schemes which allows you to build the model of your preferred form.

Quality plastic castings

The pressed pieces are allowing to preserve the exact quality of the original – the master model. The small parts are pressed in the metal moulds which convert even the tiniest detail into plastic.

Technical specification

Helldiver 1/32




model length


model height


plastic parts

We are also preparing for you

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