About us


Infiity models is a logical continuation of the HPH models company, which has been continuously producing aircraft collector models for over 30 years. We want to capitalize on our experience in these classic plastic models, and thus indulge in satisfaction from quality modeling work with a wider group of modelers.


Collectibles, museum and resin models. In 30 years, we have produced over 500 types of models of various sizes and scales. You can visit the site for a closer acquaintance HPH Models



We are continuing the long and successful tradition of production of museum models of aircraft, resin, and laminate kits, and real aircraft under the brand HPH models. At the request of the majority modeling company, we have transferred the experience and perfection of our models to the classic form of plastic models.




exceptionality in details

We pay due attention to each model and its details. It all starts with a thorough study of the original - the original in museums, publications, on the Internet, and with professional advisers. We will then convert the result into the details of the kit. We respect the mission of our hobby - to portray a diminished reality as best and faithfully as possible.






The moldings make it possible to faithfully maintain the quality of the master-master model. Small parts are pressed in metal molds, which allow the highest quality minimalist details.




The complexity of the model can be complemented by the additional sets supplied at the same time. Models are always available in several variants and color schemes. This will allow you to build the model in your preferred form.