Engine settling test   VAL gets its final form   Small procedure:   The engine     The engine dismantled into individual parts.     Work on the cockpit is almost done. Everything in 3D.       Camouflage for VAL.   Design of imprints   Details are created

SB2C-4 Helldiver 1/32

Curtiss SB2C Helldiver was an American dive bomber. It was designed in 1940s and it was produced between years 1943-1945 at Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Around 7140 of those aircrafts were produced in all variants. The plastic model is produced by “Short-run” technology and it is designed for experienced modelers older than 14 years.      

LET L-13 Blaník 1/32

Blanik. The synonym to this name could be only one word – a legend. The team of aircrafts constructors of the former VZLÚ under the leadership of Engineer Karel Dlouhý started its history in 1954. The production was later taken over by the no less known factory LET Kunovice. During the years of production several

Z-37 Bumblebee 1/32

Bumblebee! The bumblebee is coming… A sentence which was lifting a generation of boys of their chairs. It was often interrupting their classes at school and turned the thoughts in cheerful boy’s heads towards where they will be able to watch the plane flying. The bumblebee was and still is a dream of many grown

DH-100 Vampire Mk 3 – 1/32

  As a third model in a category INF 3203 we are preparing for you the 32x diminished DH-100 Vampire MK 3 – the classical British aircraft from the beginnings of the jet era.         A little closer         Camouflages for the future model   We are currently working